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LOOP – An intelligent solution combining style and ergonomics.

Research has shown that our physical and mental capability is directly linked to our physical activity. In a nutshell: the more we move, the more capable and creative we are.

BIOSWING LOOP, with its delicate, harmonious, and very slight movement, acts as a booster, spurring both the body and the soul.

The integrated and adaptable 3D seat system of the chair mirrors every movement of your body – even the most minuscule ones, such as your heartbeats and breathing – and, as a result, sends continuous movement signals to your brain.

In the brain, the incoming signals are hierarchically re-routed into different data links and integrated into the network system of the movement centre of the brain. The unique BIOSWING technology automatically activates these networks even when you are sitting, boosting your creativity and performance.



  • An ergonomically and orthopaedically efficient universal chair for office and home office use
  • Integrated, adaptable 3D seat system
  • Automatic posture compensation
  • Textile cover: Xtreme-FR black (YS009) or light grey (YS094)
  • Armrests (fixed height), polished aluminium
  • Base: polished aluminium
  • Casters: ø 6 cm

Additional information

Fabric / leather

Fabric: Black, Fabric: Light grey

Seat height

Gas spring 1: 42-52 cm, Gas spring 2: 50-63 cm


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