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If you need to provide maximum performance on a daily basis, you need an office chair that can do more: BIOSWING, the performance booster.

On this page, you can find out all about how this technology can help you to increase your performance.

It is important that the chair takes individual anatomy into account and provides perfect options for alteration and adjustment.

A BIOSWING 6 series office chair provides a maximum of additional movement.

Thanks to the sophisticated integrated mechanisms, the 6 series not only responds to each of your movement impulses, but also adapts with amazing suppleness to each posture that you assume over the course of a long day.

Active movement and regular posture changes are good for your spinal column. With the standard individually adjustable seat tilt adjustment and pelvic stabiliser with a wonderfully soft response, you can easily align your pelvis correctly and at the same time position your spine in the natural S shape. This activates additional potential for body and mind.

Spending hours working at a computer causes fatigue. We have to keep our head, weighing roughly five kilos, constantly fixed in one single position, which overstrains our neck muscles and causes painful tension.

Relief is provided by a neck support with 3D adjustment that enables brief intermittent phases of relaxation – allowing you to relax your stressed muscles.

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  • Ergonomic office swivel chair with orthopaedic effect
  • Integrated, adaptive 3D seat mechanism
  • Synchronous mechanism with automatic weight adjustment (along with fine adjustment)
  • 3D armrests for multifunctional adjustment to suit various working positions
  • Individual seat tilt adjustment with gas spring, continuously adjustable
  • Additional pelvic stabiliser
  • Sitting depth can be adjusted to suit leg length
  • Backrest with adjustable height, additionally with lumbar support with individually adjustable curve
  • 3D neck support with continuous adjustment of height, depth and tilt
  • Backrest height: 60 cm
  • Fabric cover: Step, various colours
  • Star base: Alum., polished

Additional information

Fabric / leather

Fabric: Black, Fabric: Dark blue, Fabric: Dark grey, Fabric: Green, Fabric: Red, Fabric: Sand beige, Leather: Black, Leather: Nougat, Leather: Red, Leather: White


Adjustable height (1F), Multifunctional (3D) (standard), Multifunctional (4F)


Hard, Soft (standard)


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