Whether lone fighter or team player: performance wins!

Without visionary sportspeople, the world would not be what it is today. And without people like this, all the numerous inspiring ideas for the future would be unthinkable. The visionary embodies in one person skill, utopia, hope and new ways forward.

Intuition, authenticity, charisma and having the right networks all play a major role.

Our brain also functions in networks, albeit neural ones.

In these networks, information is channelled through a data network with a total length of 5.8 million kilometres (!) in various hierarchies, providing unfathomable potential for performance and productivity thanks to multiple cross-linking with up to 200,000 synaptic connections per nerve cell.

Your performance can be stimulated: while you sit

Unique: BIOSWING seating systems promote the stimulation of brain networks even while you sit.

The integrated seat mechanism causes the small, ultra-fine movements of the user to be reflected, which are then transmitted back to the brain as continuous movement stimuli, where they create links in the network structure in the movement areas of the brain via various hierarchical data channels. These networks are activated automatically by the unique BIOSWING technology as you sit, making it possible to further increase the user’s performance.