Movement is the basis of all life…
… and each individual fundamentally yearns for movement.

Our body plays host to a multitude of unique interactions between roughly 100 trillion cells in more than 200 variations.
A fascinating masterpiece with stunning potential that pulses ceaselessly and that is designed for a life full of movement. Our vital functions have particular rhythms, to allow body and soul to remain in balance.

Tensing and relaxing, activity and regeneration, inhaling and exhaling are some of the polar forces that keep us in constant rhythmical movement and help determine our internal cycle.

And 639 large and small muscles in our body are constantly waiting to practice and train the perfect interplay.

Playful movements and the resulting sensory stimuli, emotions and challenges have a crucial effect on the path towards full physical and mental maturity.

Offering a greater number of sensory stimuli results in more new stable connections being created in the child’s brain.

Health insurance company statistics report a further increase in sick leave resulting from spine and skeletal disorders, despite all the efforts that have been taken to create ergonomic workplaces.

Back pain continues to take the inglorious first place among the individual diagnoses and, according to the health insurance company DAK and the German Federal Office for Statistics, it is one of the most costly disorders in Germany. One of its main causes is an acute lack of movement.

On average, cases of back pain in 2017 had a duration of 12.4 days, according to DAK statistics, and for damaged discs the duration was 42 days.