Use the energy inside of you!

Our body is a real miracle of nature. All functions are perfectly coordinated and all obey the laws of nature. A fascinating interplay between muscles, nerves, sensory organs, blood vessels and control units in the brain that pulse ceaselessly to their own rhythm and that are designed for a life (Gr.: bios) in full swing.

Find out here how you can use BIOSWING to activate the dormant potential that is inside of you.

Live your own rhythm: with BIOSWING

With this BIOSWING technology in the chair, you can be sure that all your impulses will be reflected – continuously, automatically and extremely effectively. Starting with your heartbeat, breathing and body movements right through to the short office workout. This activates, trains, mobilises, stabilises – and provides an sublimely pleasant seating experience.

Everything is rhythm, rhythm is life.

But when rhythm comes to an end, when it’s inhibited, disrupted or stopped completely, stiffness begins – and so does degeneration.

The BIOSWING technology uses this insight and implements it perfectly with the rhythmical pendulum principle in the 3D swinging mechanism. You can find out more here.